Forum Decommissioning

On Friday 15th June 2018, we made the decision to close the Private Internet Access forums. This decision was made in order to improve the customer experience whilst enhancing the security and privacy of our users.

We conducted an analysis on the forum as we found that a large number of threads were support requests. This caused our Support department to split it’s resources and have agents work Social Media including the forum.

We also assessed the security of our forum and we found that there were some concerns including development response times to security issues. We will not compromise the security and privacy of our customers and this had additional input into our decision.

With our migration to DeskPRO, we are trying to optimise the support request process in order to reduce waiting times, give faster and accurate responses and make your experience smoother.

As such, we ask that all support requests are raised via the Contact Us section of our Customer Support Helpdesk. This will allow us to respond faster and more accurately from the start. Whilst we still welcome feedback, suggestions and bug reports, these can be raised via the Feedback section of our Helpdesk. We will also allow comments to be made on our announcements as part of the News section.

We appreciate the amazing guides that our community has produced over the lifespan of the forum and we will be migrating these to our Guides section. If you would like credit for your guide, please let us know and we will be happy to give credit.

Customer Support is still available 24/7/365 and as always, we remain committed to providing the best support possible to our customers..


Jayson Q.
Senior Vice President of Customer Experience.